Hello to my Friends and Fans around the world and outer space!! 

This is just a brief letter to reassure you of my Love for all of you. Some of you are really Friends of mine, so obviously, these words are especially for You! For those of you whom I don’t know, well, Welcome into my crazy world... 

My motto Is 'Love Peace Music" and I hope that those of you who read me will try to practice this same motto, no matter how difficult it may seem. 

I am a Journalist in Music (rock and pop expertise) and have interviewed Artists from all over the world and written about them. Right now I am a Radio journalist… I am also a DJ and am looking for new places to spin, especially in Italy (at the time of writing). My spinning nights rotate around House music and surprises. Obviously, I would love to spin some rock nights, but it's sort of difficult in Italy... Any comments/ideas/addresses from you guys and gals, would be extremely appreciated! (for both House and Rock). 

My site will include record reviews (@ random), poems, a journal on some unusual things that happen around, where I am involved, and whatever else I may decide to talk about.


Thank you for your support and friendship...


Love Peace Music... Melody fox 

2003.5.23 (Fri.)


(thank you David for your invaluable help to construct my web site!!)