The Illogical Consequence
by Melody Fox


Rating:  Very Good

Okay, here they are again...the MADE in NAPLES big release of the year! Yes, however "illogical" it may seem, Planet Funk are Italian...The first time I heard this group, when they released No Zero Sumness, I fell in love with them immediately. Four guys (Sergio, Alex, GG, and Marco) who get togheter and make some really good Music: they expand to different sounds. They did it again with a new album, entitled The Illogical Consequence, that reaches out to the world with its elektro funky style plus other mixes. Even though the guy they had as a singer on the first album, Dan Black, has gone on a solo carrier (to form the band The Servant) they still have him on board with 3 different tracks: Trapped Upon the Ground, Peak (a very good rocky tune), and Out on the Dance Floor. However, the big (nice) surprise of this musical project is that John Graham is special guest on almost all the songs, including the hit single at the time of my writing, called STOP ME, also one of my console favorites! The lyrics of the song reflect these troubled and "fake" times, where it often seems that it's more important to look at the outside beauty and physical aspect rather than real values and inner qualities...Another interesting track, expecially for its contents, is Tear After the Rainbow, that contains excerpts from an interview with Julius Robert Oppenheimer (physicist who direct Los Alamos lab during the development of the first atomic bomb-1942-'45) in 1965. Some lines of the song where he speaks: "few people laughed...few people cried...most people were silent...I remember...". Words that should really make one think on the consequences of war and destruction...

Hanno colpito ancora...I PLANET FUNK sono tornati con un album dal titolo THE ILLOGICAL CONSEQUENCE (La Conseguenza non Logica).Un progetto musicale ke rapporta vari stili ke vanno dall'Elektro al Funk al Rock, con tokate di House e Commerciale, per continuare con brani anke molto melodici."Inhuman Pefection" e "Dusk" fanno parte di quest'ultima serie e sono perfettamente integrati gli altri brani nonostante siano piuttosto lontani dallo uptempo di questo gruppo Napoletano...E gia'! perke' Planet Funk sono prorpio partenopei anke se il nome e' molto Inglese! Secondo me, LORO sono unici per il suono, per la varieta' di strumentazione, per la produzione, per le varie sorprese inserite, e anke perke' si avvalgono di varie partecipazioni "cameo" (ospiti)...Questa volta abbiamo Jhon Graham ke e' la voce portante di questo cd (infatti canta su sei brani, tra cui il top hit, al momento dello scrivere, intitolato "Stop Me"), pero' Planet Funk non si sono dimenticati di rikiamare l'Artista Dan Black (ora con un suo gruppo The Servant), gia' partecipe del primo album "No Zero Sumness", inserendolo in qualke brano ke sara' sicuramente vincente, tipo Peak. Infatti...mi piacerebbe pensare ke questo sara' il secondo singolo uptempo!

2005.5.18 (Wed.)--km