by Melody Fox©

People... so many people
Crossing the paths of this world
Those with a smile, those with a grin
Those who are saints and without a sin
People who are patient, people who are nervous
Those who do nothing, those who are of service
There's a laugh, with moments of joy here
There's a tear with despairing days there
There are the good, the bad, and the sad
The ones who are well dressed, those shabbily clad
People who are nasty, evil, and dangerous
Those who look only for their days of vengeance
People who are calm, sweet, who do good deeds
All kinds of humans who plant right and wrong seeds
Thus millions of people wander through this universe
Looking for other humans with whom to converse

People... so many people
Drifting through this planet of intelligent fools
Dictating all kinds of smart-thought rules
People who have a heart, are soulful, and thoughtful
Those who are rude, crude, proud or cynical
Those who can stand out in a crowd, the dumb, the intellectual
There are those who have pity and those who are merciless
Those who are rightful, the ones who couldn't care less
People who are blunt, arrogant, the aggressive
People who are shy, those who are cool, or possessive
Those who are generous and have no money in sight
Those who have loads of funds, but are tight
Tell me: Who is wrong, who is right
There are people too who grumble and fight
With others who just want love and peace
The close ones, the faraway, those out of reach
Gentle ones, lovers, haters, crooks, assassins, rapists, and thieves
Those who make you happy and those who cause you grieves
There's quite a cocktail: A pick for each taste
There are so many that they go to waste

People ... so many people born
Racing through the highways of this great wide unknown
So many different kinds and creeds it's too long to list them all
Which one are you if there were to be a statistical poll...

Melody Fox©
8.29.1998 (Sat.)--km© @ noon, while at beach, in Italy
(and 9.2.1998, Wed.)