While preparing Song List for my radio show on Fri., Sept. 14, 2001
(1st three were: Bryan Ferry's “Amazing Grace”, Culture Beat’s “Serenity” and The Cranberries “Will You Remember”), I was inspired to write following...

For the “World's Victims” in New York ... (this is not just America ... not just Americans...)

For both the “Departed” and Those left "Behind"
by Melody Fox©

Nobody knows why this had to be
All those lives ending in tragedy
Blue skies turning into bloody red
Only silent screams in your head
Why did this have to be...

What terrible sights we have come to see
You were looking into your future with signs of happiness
Now there are only blank sounds of emptiness
This world unfurling so many beautiful things
We are in shock as it also gives us these fatal scenes
Why can't everything be violence free
Why does this inhumanity have to be...

Love and Peace are the only things that Everyone should see... Us... Them... You... Me...

written midnight:30 of Sept. 13, 2001, 2 days after attack on World Trade Center (Thurs. night)- km©